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Beach vacation: camping on the beach


News Man on 2014/03/03 at 13:00
Beach vacation: camping on the beach the annual "beach vacation" this year was carried out with an increased contingent of police forces. Apart from the fact that wild camping is illegal, it justifies this clearance then the fact that people really want to do a clean-up.

Without much surprise, it is indeed fixed the next day that no cleaning was performed, but there are again all campers. (referring to the post office to cut costs, so where do you go there for the money :-)

So, now you have to say is that it's justified anywhere, because on some beaches, leaving the people receiving so much garbage and filth, that one can hardly understand devote to it. Since no toilets or trash cans would help .. appropriate waste trucks come to most of the beaches down not at all.

There are but rather the man himself, there let the dirt, because they are too lazy and / or they do not care - from this point, I understand the communities they absolutely regelmäßge eviction order (!).

So - what's talking but now, however, create a real actual municipal beach of Camper (and would thereby create jobs even) is financed with low usage costs themselves

That would be an idea for the community to renovate the town's coffers by the campers offers easy alternative.


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